Maxi Dubois

"thanks for the green thumb mum."

"thanks for the green thumb mum."

Hi, I'm Maxi Dubois, the owner of Infloressence. 

Right off the bat it's important to give a shout out to my mum, Lee Dubois. Mum is a gifted artist, sole trader and mad green thumb. I didn't realise until a couple of years ago, she planted this seed in my mind, so thanks mum. 

Now, let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in Sydney's Lower North Shore and mum still lives in the house I was raised in.  I spent the first 10 years or so of my working life in the hospitality industry - I genuinely loved seeing people unwind and enjoy themselves.  I met my now wife in 2004,  soon after I realised I wanted to chase the sunlight hours rather than the moon, but not before I watered that seed in my mind - occasionally I may have overwatered it... 

I completed full qualifications in Horticulture (Cert. 2, Cert. 3, Landscape Construction and Dip. Hort - Design) and through those studies built this business.  The early days were spent growing the maintenance division and gradually I progressed into design and construction.   

The truth is, designing and building a beautiful garden is just the first step.  A gardens health is actually the key to its longevity and its owners happiness, but it is often completely overlooked.  An unhealthy garden will always feel a little cold, even in the height of summer.  

Your gardens health is what leads me to sharing my great pet peeves.          

My first PP is when I see brand new gardens installed by tradies not trained in horticulture.  I frequently get called to 'fix' gardens that are either not taking, or worse are dying, even though they've only just been installed and paid for!  I see far too many new gardens planted in rubble and building waste and the wrong plants in the wrong places. They will never thrive or worse will die within months, which means the home or business owner ultimately pays twice to get the garden they want and deserve.  Horticulture is a really important skill set and trade to call on to create and maintain a garden.  

The second PP is outdoor cleaners, unskilled in horticulture, masquerading as gardeners.  The maintenance of an established garden requires more than just a clean up.  Even dry spell gardens, the lowest maintenance style, require some health upkeep.  Invest in a qualified, genuine garden maintenance crew and that will ensure your investment in your garden remains money well spent for years to come.     

My philosophy is pretty simply when it comes to gardens.  I walk into every garden like it is my own, but walk out having hand crafted a gift for a mate. 

I hope to walk into your garden sometime soon. 

Structural Landscape License No: 240963c




This gorgeous red head is Rosie Dubois.  Rosie is my pup.  Every good crew needs a vivacious site manager to keep the team in check and there is no one more qualified than Rose Pose.  She delights in the outdoors and works with me to make sure my great designs are coupled with awesome functionality.

I employ Rosie to focus on site morale.  She helps me ensure the Red Shirts crew are pumped to deliver on our client plan.

Rosie makes sure no tennis ball goes unfound, that's her personal guarantee.



"vroom vroom"

"vroom vroom"

The Red Shirts

The final piece in the puzzle are the Construction and Maintenance crews.  The Red Shirts are a team of experienced construction or maintenance labourers that pride themselves on their high standard of work, customer service and great respect of client property.


Here's what our clients have to say about us...

“Thank you once again for the fantastic job and being so obliging with my many requests and last minute changes! The balcony looks fantastic and the garden so lush and peaceful it is exactly the ‘sanctuary’ we had in mind. And everyone keeps pointing out how great the sandstone pavement looks too!” — Bob, Neutral Bay

“The main ingredient in Infloressence is it's founder Max. He is obliging, charming, knowledgeable and reliable as well as an honest and smart worker.” — Carolyn, St Leonards

“Max did a great job with our garden makeover - very professional, right on schedule, and within our budget. We've organised ongoing maintenance with Infloressence as well.” — Dr Wong, Beecroft